BoldFinger 1.0

Let your little finger roam with confidence over the left hand side of the keyboard! Disable CAPS LOCK in Windows.

The problem

The Caps Lock facility is a vestigal absurdity. Does anyone actually use it? How many times a day do you find yourself in the following scenario:

A scenario where you accidently hit CAPS LOCK and force you to redo the text.

Caps Lock is a productivity suppressant and a damn irritation. It's right next to (and actually bigger than) the Shift key, which needs to be used often.

We decided that it was time for a fix.

The solution

We didn't want to take our keyboards apart, so developed a simple software solution. The program is called BoldFinger. It loads itself at startup, and just sits there in your system tray, thus:

BoldFinger rests easy in

If you accidentally hit the Caps Lock key, the keypress is intercepted and cancelled. If for some bizarre reason you actually need to engage Caps Lock, then you can use [Alt] Caps Lock to toggle it on and off. It's a small program (36KB). You can install it easily and you can remove it cleanly, with confidence. It uses no registry settings or support libraries.

It's free - try it!

You can download BoldFinger and use it for free: this is our contribution to preserving the sanity of the computer using population. You are of course welcome to send us money if feelings of unexpressed gratitude are keeping you awake at night.

Who made it?

BoldFinger is a product of collaboration between Duncan Heathfield of World in a Box and Sofus Mortensen of Lambda Soft.